Sheldon Zedeck Fund established

A research gift of $100,000, the first installment of a major donation, has been given by an anonymous donor from Beijing, China to the Department of Psychology to promote international collaboration between Chinese psychologists and psychologists in the department.

In honor of Professor Sheldon Zedeck’s many years of service to the department, his relationship with the Department of Psychology at Beijing University and his long time interests of promoting international collaboration among applied psychologists worldwide, the fund has been established as the Sheldon Zedeck Fund in Culture and Managerial Study.

The purpose of the fund is to support faculty and students from the two universities, University of California at Berkeley and Beijing University of China to teach or do collaborative research, to host international workshops on cross-cultural psychology, applied psychology, and mental health issues. A fellowship for graduate students will also be provided by the fund.

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Shelly Zedeck is Chief Scientific Advisor to Cognisess.


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