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  • Global Cognitive Empathy Study launched

    Cognisess is partnering with the Emotionwise Group, to launch the Global Cognitive Empathy Study.

    The Global Cognitive Empathy Study (GCES) is a cross-cultural research project; it aims to better understand which cognitive and emotional (intelligence) skills are universal and key to things like leadership, organisational style and relationships. From the data collected we hope to shed more light than ever before, on the similarities and differences in human cognition & emotional intelligence across continents, cultures and demographics.

  • Sheldon Zedeck Fund established

    A research gift of $100,000, the first installment of a major donation, has been given by an anonymous donor from Beijing, China to the Department of Psychology to promote international collaboration between Chinese psychologists and psychologists in the department.

  • Train brain is the route to safer driving

    Driving is a hugely complex skill that requires those behind the wheel to think and act correctly under pressure. However, when drivers don’t think and act correctly under pressure, they make unsafe manoeuvres – if they make a manoeuvre at all – that can result in catastrophe. Research suggests that the vast majority of road traffic crashes […]