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Enhance your cognitive and emotional wellbeing

Cognisess Sport

Scientific research has proven that superior cognitive skills – attention and awareness, decision-making, anticipation, pattern memory, information processing and perception – are essential in gaining that crucial competitive edge at every level of sport.

Equally, failure to recognise and correct chinks in your mental armour can result in failure to achieve maximum potential.

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Integrated solution – Elite View

Accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world, Cognisess Sport is a dynamic, integrated resource system that uses online games and tasks to measure cognitive abilities in a controlled environment.

The interactive tests determine quantifiable differences, making it easy to set benchmarks for personal training sessions. Fun and challenging, they are designed to fit around busy sporting schedules and usually take under an hour to complete.

The assessments focus entirely on performance rather than relying on what the user might think or say. So, responses and reactions can never be faked or learned. In fact, athletes and players often don’t realise what is really being tested.

For example, though an exercise may seem to have a problem-solving objective, it will actually be monitoring speed of reaction times.

This precise feedback is then used to shape tailor-made training programmes that build on existing cognitive strengths and significantly improve weaknesses.

Importantly, Cognisess Sport uses ‘learning software’ that constantly adapts in real time, based on the way a user is responding. Players can access their individual coaching resource and complete regular assessments anywhere and at any time.

The assessments focus entirely on performanceUsing a restricted and secure online area, coaches and trainers may view and analyse templates and benchmark scores, matching and ranking individual results against other team, position and player scores.

This allows training methods and performance targets to be instantly refined to ensure continued smooth progress.

About Cognisess

Cognisess is a neuro-software company; part of the rapidly emerging $8billion cognitive neuroscience and brain health market and global $3 trillion education & training market. We help solve the problem of how to get the best out of people by using the latest science and research to provide the most comprehensive assessment of a person’s neuro-wellbeing.

Our misson at Cognisess is to re-define how we understand and improve human potential. We aim to help you improve cognitive performance, emotional intelligence & wellbeing.

Christopher Butt & Dr Lenny KrystalFounders, Cognisess

Cognitive competence and emotional intelligence inform and control all aspects of our daily lives. Together, they determine how successfully we function as human beings in every professional and social setting.  Authoritative research has proved that the brain is dynamic and malleable; when subject to focused, personalised stimulation, it can re-configure itself and become more potent.

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