Your Foundation

For all levels and age groups

Personal training

Your Foundation will instruct and guide you through a specific exercise programme to deliver the level of fitness you require.

This service will provide you with:

  • A individual programme that will incorporate all of the essential principles of training.

  • Effective, creative and interesting training sessions.

  • Clear direction and instruction

  • Motivation and encouragement.

  • Diet, nutritional and lifestyle advice.

What do we provide?

  • One on one personal training/group personal training: Tailored, personalised training systems using the latest scientific research to assure that every client reaches their personal strength & fitness goals in a fun, varied, and results driven environment.
  • Specialised fatloss training: Tried and tested on hundreds of clients with outstanding results. Designed to give maximum body recomposition in minimal time. Run in 12 week blocks utilising unique training methods to ensure constant progress, each client surpasses their fatloss goals.
  • Strength & conditioning and sport/event specific preparation: Increasing human performance with specific sports and athletic goals in mind. Helping you become faster, stronger and more flexible to increase your ability to perform optimally in your sport or event
  • Core stability: Targeting muscles deep within the abdomen to improve posture and provide the foundation for power and strength as well as getting great abs!
  • Nutritional advice & plans: Tailored nutrition plans to cater for your personal goals, from an experienced and qualified professional nutritionist.
  • Assessment: Measurements, mobility testing, body fat analysis, postural analysis, fitness testing etc.