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Principles of Training

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Training is a systematic process in which participants aim to improve their fitness to achieve  specific goals. For this to take place the principles of training must be applied to a training programme. Your Foundation recognises and respects these principles. Below is a breakdown of the principles of training.


Any adaptation in the body’s muscles, organs or systems will be a very specific result of the type of training they have undertaken. This is the principle of specificity.

Progressive Overload

In order to progress and improve our fitness we have to put our bodies through stress. The body will then adapt to the stress and learn to deal with it, resulting in progression.


When we stop training the improvements you have made will be reversed over time.


An important concept to grasp is that adaptations occur, not during the activity, but in the rest time following it (anabolic stage). The scheduling of rest periods in a training programme is vital in order for the body to recover properly and allow appropriate physiological adaptations to occur.


Everyone is an individual and should be treated like one. Training programmes must take into account the specific needs and abilities of the individual for whom it is designed.


Maximum benefits are obtained when various aspects of our training are varied.